Do you need a website ?

With my help we can create a website for you without headaches. Just simply tell me what you want.


Making a website is a pain for you? 

  • Are you struggling hard to get a professional looking website ?
  • You don’t know from where to start ?
  • You don’t want to spend day’s and months on learning how to code ?
  • You just want to have a working website that present all your information and build your brand ?
Solution can be easy

Solution can be easy

  • You can contact with me and tell me what site you want to get and what kind of functionality you are interested in,
  • In order to setup a great website I need to know more about you, and your business. What you need to do is to share with me your idea about your website,
  • I will present to you options how your website could look like. And we can choose something together. And if needed build and change parts of it. 
Marcin Mrugacz

Marcin Mrugacz

Freelancer, Master of Science in Quantitative Computer Science

I am the person you will contact with. I was always interested in IT. One of my strong skills is web developing and creating websites. I have proper tools, knowledge and lot of patient in both developing and dealing with people. With me you can be sure that you will get a proffesional looking website, that make clients for you.

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We will create your website in 6 simple steps 

In every step i will do my job, and present you choices we can go. I belive that together we can create awesome looking website for you.

First step

Contact with me here:

Second step

In order to setup a website a crucial part is to collect all information you want to present on Your website. In this step you need to prepare all photos, texts, articles in .zip file and send them to me.  If you have articles in links somewhere else that fine you can send them in that form.

Third step

Give me some time, and i will create a demonstration website for you.  As soon as possible you will get result how everything can look like and you will have vision of the end product.

We will write down what is missing, and what it need to be done to finalize your website.

Fourth step 

In this step, before I will send you a complete website, i will take payment. That is needed for a hosting, and domain. 

Fifth step

In this step I will take your details and register your domain, and move your site on the web !  Site still will be in the development. If you will decide to change some text, or image it will be still possible to make some changes. To perfect fit your idea website.

Sixth step

Your website is now online. It’s the last time when you can check it.  If still you will find something to change. It still can be done.  After approving from you that site is done I still give you a 7 day’s after that. For cosmetic changes if you will find some.

Your website is ready!

Your website is ready, you can share it on your social media, and show it to the clients. Now you can start campaign that will promote your website using SEO tools, adwords, or even a facebook page. 

Smart Phones Optimized

Your website will be optimized for smartphones. Is crucial now days, because lots of traffic is happening on this little devices.


Desktop ready

Your site will be optimized and look a little bit different on laptop, than smartphones. Site will be optimized to present all information in the best way on larger screen.

My last projects

  • Marta D.

    "Hi Marcin,

    Thanks to your skill and knowledge we finally have our beautiful
    website! Thank you so much for all your ideas, your time and
    professional attitude. Working with you was a sheer pleasure. I will
    surely recommend your services to anyone looking to set up a website
    that truly stands out. All the best! "

  • Gosia G.

    "Marcin developed exactly what I wanted, collaboration with him was pure pleasure. I am very happy of new look of my site after changing the layout of my old webpage. Now is clean, easy and straightforward. If i will need some changes in the future I will definitely hire him again. "

On what you are waiting ? Show your business to the world

Contact with me even today, and write details about your business, about your clients. About what awesome things you or your company is doing. I am waiting for you.