Marcin Mrugacz


I enjoy coding in mql4,

Mql4 is language for programming trading strategies on forex. Using this language, you can create your own Expert Advisors that make trading management fully automated. If you have fully coded trading strategy You will know how good it was in the past. Is a profitable or not in a long run ? And what are optimal parameters to use Your strategy for best run.
I really like to test different strategies using this language. And build custom indicators basic on real time data.
For example:
using this language i can easily extract the most valuable data which month on eurusd was in average the most profitable month:

Each column is a single average Profit/Loose month form last 30 years on eurusd.
Could you imagine counting this using paper and pen? i don't...
Also a blue line is an average line showing how year was look like. And we see that statistically from month 6 to the end of year eurusd was in average gaining.
Its only a simple sample what can be done using that language. If you are interested ask me about:
* full automation of trading algorithms
* optimisation of trading algorithms

I used to create music

Yes, I love music and when I was younger I created lots of music.Using reason 3, cubase, and fruityloops. And tons of Vst plugins. If you want to hear some of my music you can check them here:

I even won a Sony contest in 2007 in USA creating this mix :)

You can listen it also here:

and.. traveling with my girlfriend :)

I like 3d rendering