Marcin Mrugacz

Coding Portfolio 27.09.2017

Setuping a rental website for client. The main goal was to present an offer to clients in a clean and bright manner. The most important stages of creating this website was:

1. Selecting the most valuable key words for this business.
2. Checking wich words are the most usable in this using google trends, and google awords planner.
3. Selecting the best name for the domain.
4. Choosing and creating the best hosting for the client and keeping in mind about features vs price factor.
5. Instalation of popular opensource wordpress engine.
6. Choosing the right template and configuring with close cooperation with client.
7. Optimization of loading time.
8. Basic SEO of the site and adding the website to popular shearch engines and catalogs.
9. Setuping Adwords campaign.

Final website:

Small web browser game 25-03-2017

Here I created a small game where you have resources like:

The main goal of this game is upgrading your characters. The higher level of character, the higher capacity of resources he have, and longer time it takes to upgrade. Ofcourse every upgrade cost diffrent amount of resources. And this cost is also rising.

Main reason to build this small demo game was to "upgrade" :) my own skills in backend coding. This project give me a lot of fun and exicment. All in the game was coded from scratch.

Languages used here:

-PHP (most of it)
-Html and CSS

Coded features:
-every member can create own account
Informations like:
-login, password (hashed), email, etc
-start/finish of upgrading is stored in Mysql database
-all characters are coded using class functions, its easy to create hundreds of similar objects in future.
-Java script is showing in real time how resources are increasing without reafreshing the site
-css animation when characters is upgrading

Test my game here:
My mini web-browser game
Source Code on Github